Stitch by Stitch…

Each Shirt is hand-finished, stitch by stitch, for clean and sophisticated look and to ensure the wearer more ease and softness.

Hand stitching has many Virtues: it’s smooth, discreet and durable over time.

Another important thing is the control and freedom you have to shape the garment during the sewing. It allows to sew inconspicuously and precisely in narrow sections from the right side, which is impossible on a sewing machine.

If the hand stitches need to be removed, they will not mark the fabric, as the machine stitching would do.

It’s true, that the hand sewing require time and patience, but it’s extremely rewarding by pleasure to wear the beautifully craft garments for many years forward.

– Anna G., Designer

The hand-made Shirt and some of the tools and supplies, used for sewing and pressing

The hand-made Shirt and some of the tools and supplies, used for sewing and pressing




It’s all in the Detail.

You may ask: “What is the difference between the Shirts?”

Well … There so many  different aspects that contribute to superior quality.

Let’s start the closer inspection to the anatomy of the artisan’s Shirt.


“Bustier” inspired Blouse



Hand Made-to-Measure “Bustier” Styled Blouse.


  • Hand made
  • Small rounded collar
  • Bustier shaped front
  • Custom monogrammed cuff
  • Australian natural mother of pearl buttons
  • Sophisticated diamond-shaped side gadgets
  • Beautifully mixed materials: delicate reticulum effect for the upper body , yoke and sleeves (All 100% Finest Italian cotton)

Beautiful “Irina” Blouse

Hand Made-to-Measure Ladies Shirt, that flatters all body types.

Featuring feminine curved reliefs styling.


  • V-neckline
  • Modern small shawl collar
  • Custom monogrammed cuff
  • Sophisticated diamond-shaped side gadgets
  • Natural Australian mother of pearl buttons
  • Material: light-blue fine stretch Zephir cotton (co 67%,ny 30%, ea 03%) by Canclini